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Showroom Cleaning Perth

Commercial Cleaners Perth is a professional cleaning company with over 15 years of experience. Commercial Cleaners Perth is well-equipped to handle all kinds of cleaning jobs, even those more complex and require frequent attention. One of these jobs is a Car dealership and showroom cleaning.

Cleaning showrooms can be a headache. If they are car dealership showrooms, the need to provide a variety of helpful, thorough and regular cleaning services becomes more urgent. No business, no matter what industry or type, wants to make a wrong impression on customers in any part of their premises.

Dealerships in car sales are not an exception. The industry is highly competitive. Dealers need to make the most of every marketing tool, and the first impression that a dealership leaves on clients is part of its marketing. The showroom should make an excellent first impression and reflect the quality and professionalism of the dealership. It must be as clean and sparkling as the cars it houses!

showroom cleaning perth


Every showroom will have multiple items on display. This will make them very popular and attract a lot of foot traffic. These spaces will be populated by people who walk around and in the dirt and dust that collects on floors or other surfaces. Additional footprints may be left by motor vehicles if the goods are on display.

Although new motor cars rarely leak oil or other fluids, they leave tyres that leave dark or black tracks on hard floors such as those used by dealers. To display new or different models, cars must be moved around the showroom regularly. Dealerships don’t want to distract potential buyers away from their car brand, and especially not from the shiny vehicles on their floor. The floors must be kept spotless.

Car dealerships also have many areas that require different cleaning requirements, such as reception areas, meeting rooms or offices, bathrooms, and communal staff rooms like kitchens. Each site requires other cleaning methods, materials, and activities at Commercial Cleaners Perth. We handle them all so that every part of the premises is clean.

Our commercial cleaners use ecofriendly products, special equipment, and tried-and-true methods to clean a car dealership or showroom. They leave it shining from the floor to the windows, and leaving it spotless. We work when it is convenient for our clients and minimal disruption to their business.

Call our friendly and helpful today on to discuss your specific car dealership and showroom cleaning needs and to obtain a no-commitment, free quote!

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